In Loving Memory of Shri Rampal Singh, 2023

– Mondira Dutta

It is indeed difficult to summarize myrecollections and interactions with an exceptional personalitylike Shri Rampal Singh. Our association spans over decades. Back in the late 1990s, shortly after leaving Kashmir, I was introduced to Shri Rampal ji by none other than the Nobel laureate Shri Kailash Satyarthi. His most indelible impression was made by his spotless white Dhoti and Kurtaan attire he loved to be in, that complemented his charismatic smile, welcoming visitors to his office room. Throughout the early stages of the NCE’s formation, I became acquainted with him through our discussions regarding the establishment of the organization’s by-laws. Since then, there has been no turning back. His charming demeanor and courteousness impresses anyone who comes in his contact. Soon I became a trustee and board member of NCE which brought me much closer to the organizations that he headed. His endearing attitude made me feel more than welcome into the family – not only in NCE but also within the family of AIPTF. Decades passed by, and the countless meetings and evaluation studies I conducted would not have been possible without his trust and faith on me. Even though I was new to the organization, he frequently asked me to chair meetings and deliver lectures at various forums. Soon I started relying on him for every academic endeavor. His soft demeanorwas a great solace for me to move on with my academic pursuits.


Despite his deteriorating health he diligently attended every meeting and delivered the decisive input that propelled us all closer to accomplishing our mission. During field visits to remote parts of the country, one could perceive the esteem and dignity with which he conducted himself. His magnetic aura enticed members of numerous teaching communities and participants to rely on him and partake in these gatherings. People enjoyed listening to his powerful voice with rapt attention.  His impact on the nation’s primary education system, civil society organizations, and particularly on the lives of teachers remains unparalleled. Any accomplishment or movement is inconceivable without the presence of Shri Rampal Ji. Not only did his colleagues and instructors admire him, but so did the staff, who were filled with gratitude for this virtuous individual.


I had the privilege of participating in several joint conferences and evaluations, both domestically and internationally, on behalf of Education India, Lara Forbundet, ASBAE, and various other organizations, including the NCERT of India. This could not have been done without his constant guidance and help. Numerous honors and accomplishments were attained under his leadership. Indeed, Rampal ji will be dearly missed. However, I have no doubt that his continued guidance and blessings will keep showering upon us throughout. I pray to the Almighty for the eternal and noble soul to rest in peace 🕉️🙏🕉️