In Loving Memory of Rampal Bhai

Dear Ram Pal Bhai,

Now we the Board members, staff, partners, well wishers and fellow travelers of National Coalition for Education (NCE) feel the pain of loss of torch bearer like you. Today the pain of losing you is difficult to bear because AIPTF, EI, STF and NCE needed you for some more years.

We all have not only lost a great leader but also a big brother, torch bearer and patron for all of us. The passing of yours is an incalculable loss to ‘Right to Education movement’, teachers interest, poor children schooling campaign and overall to the profession of teaching in general, to the lay public and to his many admirers and friends.

It is hard to find suitable words to pay a tribute to you as truly remarkable man. We shall try to follow the path of honesty, dedication and movement to make the goal of ‘Right to Education’ a reality, to pay real homage to you.

We all acknowledge that he was an all-round leader of high morals and commitments. We will say God loved him more, and that is why he took him.