Mr. Jagdambika Pal

President, NCE
Member of Parliament,
Convener, Parliamentary Forum for Ensuring Right to Education

Mr. Ram Pal Singh

General Secretary, NCE
President, All India Primary Teachers Federation (AIPTF)

Mr. Ambarish Rai

Treasurer, NCE
Convener, Peoples Campaign for Common School System (PCCSS)

Dr. Reny Jacob

Trustee, NCE
Delhi Commission for Women

Prof. (Dr). Mondira Dutta

Trustee, NCE
Centre for Inner Asian Studies, School of International Studies
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi- 110067

Mr. Dharam Vijay Pandit

Trustee, NCE
President, All India Federation of Teachers Organisation ( AIFTO)

Mr. Indra Shekar Mishra

Trustee, NCE
General Secretary, All India Secondary Teachers Federation (AISTF)

Mr. Reni Jacob

Trustee, NCE
Retd. Director (Advocacy), World Vision India

Mr. Rama Kant Rai

National Convener,
Ex Officio Board Member, NCE